Upholstery Cleaning Ipswich

Clean Your Couch  and Upholstery With A Professional Company In Ipswich

Finding the best couch cleaning service team, there are several factors to consider. Here at CBD Couch Cleaning, our team for Upholstery Cleaning Ipswich service can assure you that we are the one that fits all the criteria that you may look for in a couch cleaning company.

We have a team of highly trained and experienced technicians who use advanced equipment and techniques to ensure that your couch is thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained. We also have a great customer service team, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy. From the team’s level of experience and expertise to the use of advanced cleaning equipment and techniques, we are better in all aspects.

We provide Steam Couch Cleaning, Stain Removal, Odour Removal, Mold Removal, Sanitisation, Deodorization, and Fabric Scotchgard Protection for all upholstered items. Choose us for any of these services in Ipswich and surrounding regions.

Upholstery Cleaning Ipswich

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Why Choose Us In Ipswich?

  • We have a team of certified, experienced and trained professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to effectively clean all types of couches, including leather and fabric cleaning.
  • We use high-quality cleaning solutions and equipment to ensure that your couch is cleaned to the highest standard and is safe on all types of fabrics, delicate and natural.
  • Our team stands behind our work and guarantees that our customers will be completely satisfied with the results.
  • We offer competitive prices and special deals and discounts to fit every budget.
  • We have gained a reputation for providing high-quality, reliable service.

Benefits of Keeping Clean Couches in Homes

Cleaning your couch has many benefits that can help to improve the overall appearance and longevity of your furniture.

  • One of the main benefits of furniture cleaning is that it can help remove dirt, dust, and other contaminants that can accumulate over time.
  • Your couch will look fresh, and reduce the chance of the development of allergies and other health problems.
  • By having your couch cleaned regularly, you can create a healthy and dust-free atmosphere.
  • Cleaning the couch can improve the air quality in your home, as it can remove allergens and other pollutants that can cause health issues.
  • When the couch is clean, the air inside your home is more breathable, leading to a healthier environment for you and your family.
  • Another benefit of cleaning a couch is that it can help to extend the life of your furniture.

Our Couch Cleaning Services That Give Best Results

To make sure your furniture is treated with care and handed back to you in a proper condition, you need to make sure the furniture cleaning company is well-equipped and trained with the latest techniques so that your couch isn’t ruined when you receive it back. Our Upholstery Cleaning Ipswich service can assure you that the techniques we use will ensure that you get the best results possible. There are various methods that we use to clean couches depending on the furniture. The methods we use are:

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a process of using hot water and a cleaning solution under pressure to remove dirt, stains, and odours from the couch. The heat and pressure of the steam break down and remove even tough stains and grime while killing bacteria and dust mites. It is an effective way to deep clean and sanitize the couch.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a method of cleaning couches that uses dry compounds and solvents, instead of water. This method is often used for delicate fabrics and for situations where water-based cleaning is not an option. Also, we use this when you need your couch ready within a few hours.


Shampooing is a method of cleaning a couch that uses a cleaning solution and a brush or machine to agitate the fibres and remove dirt and stains. It is similar to steam cleaning in that it uses a cleaning solution, but it does not rely on the heat and pressure of steam to break down stains.

Stain Removal

Stain removal is the process of removing stains from the couch. Different stains require different methods of removal, such as using a specific cleaning solution or a combination of solutions. Common household stains include pet urine, wine, and coffee. We have expertise in pet stain removal.

Odour Removal

We provide the service of eliminating unpleasant odours from the couch. This can be done by using specific cleaning solutions and deodorizers, or by using specialized equipment such as ozone generators. We have all the resources to clean and deodorise all upholstery materials.

Mould Removal

We have the process of removing mould from couches. Mould can be caused by high humidity, water damage, or poor ventilation. It is important to remove mould as soon as possible as it can cause serious health issues and damage to the couch. You can trust our expert to safely get rid of moulds.

Fabric Scotchgard Protection

It is a spray-on treatment that helps protect the couch from spills and stains. It creates an invisible barrier on the fabric that repels liquids, making spills and stains easier to clean up. This treatment can be applied to new or clean couches, and it can help extend the life of the fabric.


Sanitisation is the process of removing bacteria, and viruses from a couch. This can be done by using specialized cleaning solutions and equipment. We have the best machines to spray sanitisers on the upholstery and ensure that you can use them without thinking of germs and pathogens.

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Different Couches And Furniture That We Clean In Ipswich

We offer Couch Cleaning Ipswich services for a variety of leather and fabric upholstered furniture, including sofas, couches, chaise lounges, office chairs, lounge chairs, armchairs and seat cushions. Our cleaning methods are tailored to the specific type of material, whether it is leather or fabric, to ensure that the furniture is cleaned effectively and safely.

For example, we use specialized cleaning solutions and techniques for leather couches to protect and maintain the integrity of the leather. We also use the appropriate cleaning solutions and techniques for different types of fabric to ensure that the fabric is not damaged during the cleaning process.

Overall, our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality cleaning services for their leather and fabric upholstered furniture.

We Are Experts In Cleaning All Stains From Your couch

We are experts in removing all types of stains from the couch, including food and drink stains, pet stains, oil and grease stains, and even tough stains such as ink and red wine. Our team of professional cleaners use a variety of specialized techniques and cleaning solutions to effectively remove stains without damaging the fabric.

We also have experience in identifying the type of stains and the appropriate method to remove them. Moreover, we also provide spot and stain protection services that help to protect your furniture from future stains.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest level of couch Cleaning Ipswich service and ensure that their couch is cleaned to their satisfaction, leaving it looking like new again.

Book Service For All Fabric And Leather Couch Cleaning in Ipswich and Nearby Suburbs

We offer same-day service for all fabric and leather couch cleaning in Ipswich and any nearby suburbs, ensuring that our customers can have their furniture cleaned and ready to use as soon as possible. We understand that sometimes unexpected stains or spills happen, and we are here to help you get your couch washed promptly. Our same-day service is designed to make the process as easy and convenient as possible for our customers. We offer flexible scheduling options and quick turnaround times to ensure that your couch is cleaned and ready to use as soon as possible.

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    We appreciate this company’s work because with their couch cleaning fast methods we are extremely happy. It looks new and attractive and their service was amazing. Thanks!

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    They treated all of my couches by cleaning them and the service was both professional and personal. I would highly recommend them.

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