How To Keep Upholstery Clean?

How To Keep Upholstery Clean? 5 Great Steps To Care Your Upholstery

Your upholstery at home is the main attraction point and the most loved one among your family. Upholstery provides you with a lot of comforts that everyone in the family ends up using a lot. This regular usage of upholstery also brings a lot of other problems along with it. When you watch a movie for hours or a party at your home there can be situations like food spillage, dust accumulation and dents on your couch cushions. These are widespread situations that one may experience in their day-to-day life. Hence changing your upholstery with a new one every time there is any spillage is not an option. Thus you need to take care of your upholsteries for years to maintain their look and condition. You can hire professional couch cleaning services in Brisbane. At these times, one common question might come to your mind: how to keep upholstery clean?

Keep Your Upholstery Clean

Thus 5 Great Tips That Can Help You To Maintain The Condition and Look of Your Upholstery are Given Below:

  • Make Vacuuming A Habit

Vacuum cleaning your upholstery is a great step toward maintaining its look and feel over time. This is because vacuuming regularly will help to remove all the accumulated dirt and debris from the upper layer of your upholstery. Regular cleaning does not mean cleaning once a year. 

You must clean your upholstery thoroughly twice every week. Because if you skip this step the dust and debris present may penetrate the deep layers of your upholstery which will make it even harder to remove them.

  • Rotate Your Cushions

Make it a habit to rotate your couch cushions often. Access usage of these cushions will make them lopsided, and the material present in them which makes them so fluffy and comfortable will get accumulated on one side.

Thus rotating your cushions will maintain their look and comfort for a longer period of time.

  • Keep Your Upholstery Away From Sunlight

Sunlight is very powerful and is capable enough to fade your upholstery fabric, dry them or even can cause cracks in them. Thus it is very important to keep upholstery away from where the sunlight can enter your house. This will add more years to the life span of your upholstery. 

For this, you can use fabric protectants for your upholstery you can keep your windows and doors closed to block the sunlight out. 

  • Clean The Spills Right Away

If you have kids or pets in your house then you may witness spillage often. This can ruin the look of your upholstery. Thus it is important for you to act quickly. Once there is any type of spillage on your upholstery you can use a clean cotton cloth to absorb everything and stop it to penetrate into deep layers of your upholstery.

Make sure to not use any harsh chemicals to remove the stains. You can opt for home remedies and basic ingredients from your kitchen to help with stain removal.

  • Hire A Professional Upholstery Cleaner Team

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This is one of the most effective and safest tips from all 5 tips on how to keep upholstery clean?. This is so because professionals are experts at their job and have a very good knowledge of what they are doing. 

Whether it is any kind of stain removal, mould removal, deep cleaning, etc professionals know every detail of the process. They also customise the whole cleaning process according to the condition of your upholstery. 

Just make sure that you get the right quote and hire the best company in town. And give your upholstery a professional cleaning once a year.


A hygienic home is what we all desire. This can be achieved through a lot of steps that we undertake to keep our homes clean and hygienic. But sometimes we are unaware of certain areas of our house that seems to be cleaned but is not, these are upholsteries. Upholstery is clean to our naked eyes but can be the hub of a lot of dust, debris and germs that can pollute the air quality index of our homes.Thus cleaning your upholsteries regularly is a must. For this, you may use the given 5 tips on how to keep upholstery clean?. Through these 5 tips, you can keep the upholstery clean while also maintaining the air quality of your house. you can also hire CBD couch cleaning in Brisbane and suburbs like Toowoomba, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Sunshine Cost and more.

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