How To Properly Clean a Fabric Couch?

After a long harsh day, it feels amazing to unwind from your daily stress on a cozy and comfortable fabric couch.  But cleaning it can be tricky. Fabric couches are generally very delicate and a wrong cleaning approach can ruin their colour, fabric texture, and beauty. Our professional couch cleaners have shared their expert tips on how to properly clean a fabric couch? retaining its polished appearance. 

Clean a Fabric Couch

Tricks and Tips on How To Properly Clean a Fabric Couch

Starting from product selection to cleaning techniques, you must consider each and everything to bring back your couch’s exquisiteness. Here are a few simple how-tos suggested by our professionals.

Instructions Mentioned in the Labels are a Must-Check

Whether you are up to just vacuuming your couch or removing tough stains from your fabric couch, make sure not to miss the washing/cleaning instruction mentioned in the labels by the manufacturer. If you overlook the instruction and make a blunder while cleaning your couch, you will not only ruin your pricey asset but also miss the redeem the warranty facilities.

The instructions would further help you to decide which type of solvent you should use, which cleaning method you should opt for etc. Well, both the couch and its cushions could have different cleaning/washing instructions. So be careful enough and avoid mixing up between them.

The letters mentioned in the tag or label of your fabric couch mean:

  • S: You can’t use water to clean the couch. You can either opt for dry cleaning or use any solvent-based cleanser during washing.
  • W: You can clean your fabric couch using water-based solvents
  • WS/SW: You can clean your fabric couch using both water and water-based solvents.
  • X: The couch must not come in contact with any kind of detergent or solvents. A thorough vacuum will be great if being cleaned at home.

What Happens When You Do Not Obey The Cleaning Instructions

While suggesting how to properly clean a fabric couch? professionals keep telling, again and again, to follow the instructions word by word. If you take it for granted, you have no clue what disaster you are calling in for yourself. For example, if your fabric couch has an S sign and you still use water to clean it, your couch can get permanent unsightly water stains in it.

How To Properly Clean a Fabric Couch When It Has Obstinate Stains and Dirt Patches?

Dealing with stains on X-labeled couches could be hard at home as they are meant for vacuuming. So you should always seek professional assistance. Here we have mentioned a DIY stain removal technique for S, W, or WS couches.

Step-By-Step Cleaning Process

  • Start the cleaning operation with vacuuming. Keep it at the lowest power and make sure the vacuum tool has an inbuilt brush.
  • After that, prepare your own DIY cleaning solution, by mixing distilled water (2 cups), 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, and dishwashing liquid.
  • Now, it’s time to do the bloat treatment using a soft microfiber towel dampen in the DIY solution. Make sure you use a microfiber towel only, or else your couch can get scratched.
  • Just take the solution-dampen cloth and place it on the stain and keep repeating. Never scrub or rub on the stains and it can deteriorate the fibres of your couch.
  • Then to remove the remaining residue of the soap solution, damp a fresh microfiber towel into plain distilled water and place it in that area to bloat it out.
  • At last, take a dry microfiber towel and again blot the area to absorb all the moisture and water. Finally, dry the area by pointing a fan near it.

Note: Different fabrics react differently. So, while buying a cleaning solution, consider the fabric type of your couch to keep your furniture polished and lustrous.

Process of Steam Cleaning a Fabric Couch

Again for sofas with SW & W labels, here are the processes you must follow while steam cleaning your couch fabric.  Also, as experts mention while suggesting how to properly clean a fabric couch?, make sure to spot tests. Before using steam on your couch, make sure to test it in a small part. If everything goes perfectly, steam-clean your fabric couch with the following tips:

  • Similar to the stain removal process, this starts with vacuuming keeping the gadget at its lowest power.
  • Make sure to opt for the steam cleaning day when the weather is nice so that you can keep your windows open, and let the air out.
  • Use a steam cleaner to clean your fabric couch and dry it immediately using a fan.
  • Once your couch is dry, vacuum it again

How to Clean Fabric Couch

How To Clean a Fabric Couch With a Foul Odour?

If your fabric couch smells terrible, using baking soda solution can be an excellent way to deodorize it. Not only does it make your couch smell fresh but also helps in fading stains. Apply baking soda to the affected area, let it sit for around 20 mins to 1 hr, and then vacuum it out!


We hope that our aforementioned advice on how to properly clean a fabric couch? would help you perform a DIY couch cleaning. In case you find all these steps a little more hectic and time-consuming, the doors are always open for you! CBD Couch Cleaning have professional couch cleaners that you can trust for all kinds of upholstery cleaning needs. 

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